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How We Met Our Fur Baby

Sometimes you will see my posts on our Instagram page @gngevents with our little fur baby. This is the story of how Gizmo became part of our family.

It was May 2020, just six months after our wedding, when I told my husband that we should get a cat. He already knew how much I loved cats, but he never grew up with pets. Before adding a new member to the family, he asked me to create a slide show (PowerPoint) explaining why we should get one. Also, what comes with adding her into our family.

The PowerPoint

I don't think he expected me to actually create one. But, I did. I put together the needs of a new fur baby, medical, food, fun, and all their needs. He was sold.

The Search

I knew I wanted a cat that was either a Russian Blue or Siamese preferably hypoallergenic. I have always grown up with cats but surprisingly I am still allergic. I also knew I wanted to adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue. I didn't want to buy from a breeder. One day I found a blue point siamese. She was 5 years old, declawed (so sad), and apparently abandoned at a high kill shelter after her owner passed away and she was rescued by Bourbon County Rescue.

I contacted Bourbon Country Rescue for a meet and greet. They arrived on June 26th, 2020 in Frederick County, MD, in a parking lot (because you know COVID). When I arrived I asked to see her and she was so shy but super sweet. I fell in love with her immediately. I asked the rescue vet if she had a clean bill of health and they assured me that she was. They gave me her certificate of health and we went home together.

And she was home!

1 Month Later

Although, Gizmo came to me with a clean bill of health. She was anything but healthy. I will discuss this in length later. For now, this is our fur baby.

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