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Do You Have a Passion for Wedding & Event Planning?

Hi! My Name is Nageen

Wedding & Event Planner for 12+ Years

I've had many conversations with fellow vendors, and wedding & event planners for years about how to run their business, what they can do to make themselves better, networking tips, and so on. The one thing I always heard was "If you came up with a class I would take it". So guess what? I have decided to start a 6-month program for anyone interested in becoming a wedding and event planner.

I see people every day waking up and deciding that they want to take a giant leap into this industry and make it into a career. I can tell you from experience the first 5 years are very hard. Not only are you planning, coordinating, and designing people's wedding's and event's, you're running a small business. This jump into a new career is like having two full-time jobs. Then to top it off you feel like you're drowning in articles, podcasts, family and friend advice, blogs, webinars, and so on of information on how to be the best wedding and event planner and how to run your small business. It can all be very daunting. With Planners In Motion "The Nitty Gritty" - Wedding & Event Planning Program. I have taken out all the noise, pulled out the important information, taken out all the life lessons, failed attempts and created something that has everything in one place. This program will give you the JUMP start you need to get you started in this industry. If you already are a part of the industry this is a great program to get a different insight into the wedding & event industry. Maybe even help you attract the clients you want or just have the support of a community.

If You Want...

  • To attract clients that you love

  • To make sure you get paid what you are worth

  • To start off on the right foot

  • To be a well-rounded event & wedding planner

You are in the right place!

Planners In Motion "The Nitty Gritty" - Wedding & Event Planning Program

Planners In Motion - 6 month program is available through self-learning videos, coaching, templates, and hands-on real-life experience.

In this program we will cover:

  • Setting your business up for success

  • Client on-boarding & off boarding

  • How to streamline your process

  • Pricing yourself right the first time

  • Event marketing

  • Event Management

And much more!

Are you interested? Do you want to join the program? With today's sign up you will receive 50% off the total price. I am currently only accepting 3 people into the program. Click here to sign up!

*In the comments below please tell me what you struggle with. I always am willing to share my experiences to help better the community.


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