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How To Create The Perfect Packages For Your Event Space

Building a package from scratch can be a time-consuming task. Especially if you're not sure what it should include in the first place. To save you time, Artistic Arrangements has pooled together over 12 years of knowledge together to provide you with the most useful tips to getting those inquiries flowing.

Reeling In Those Inquiries

When a client first visits your website the first thing they do is try to picture their event in your space. To do this they visit your portfolio that should showcase your venue, and the best layout, to attract them to your space. After they have visited your portfolio they will want to view what packages you offer.


The package brochure gives a great idea of the quality of your space. It should perfectly represent confidence that you and your team can create a memorable event.


Basic Information To Include

  1. A good-looking brochure - this will make the difference between a person who is just thinking to an actual inquiry.

  2. Venue information - furniture included, floor plan, rules, parking, etc...

  3. Vendor information - drink packages, food packages, or a list of preferred vendors

Customers want information. A good-looking document with plenty of useful information will work wonders for your inquiries. You want the customer to have an idea of how their event is going to look and feel by the time they reach the end of your package brochure.

To the right, we have placed an example of a package that Artistic Arrangements created for a restaurant space.


Our eyes naturally gravitate towards images, so it is important to make sure the images are striking and show your space in an attractive light. Pictures should be clear and not pixilated. Working with a vendor who understands the events you would like to host will be able to showcase your venue in the perfect light to attract those customers. Don't forget to credit your photographers when using their pictures for advertising or social media.

Photography by: Jenna Davis Photography, Venue: Glade Valley Farms

What Set's You Apart

This is the most important of all the steps. Understanding what makes you different from the spaces around you will attract new customers to your space. You must be able to tailor your packages to evoke feelings from your potential inquiry. Why will they enjoy your food? What is that feeling they will receive is in your space? Doing this through imagery is best.

Whether you're aiming to grab conferences, corporate, birthdays, weddings, or even nonprofits it is important to have a beautiful informative-looking package brochure.

Want to create a package brochure for your space and don't know where to begin. Check out Artistic Arrangements to create a perfect branding package for your space.

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