Wedding Management

(Day of Coordination)

Starts at $1325.00

Discounted rates are applicable at Haven Street Ballroom, Main Street Ballroom 

and The Other Barn.

This package includes:

  • Free Consultation

  • The package starts exactly 5 weeks prior to the wedding date

    • Although, everyone knows this package as Day of Coordination. This is a terrible explanation of what coordinators actually do for your wedding day. As a coordinator, I must know whom you hired, what each vendor is doing, and what your general vision is. A coordinator arriving just for the day of your wedding won't know anything and will be walking in without proper direction. Starting 5 weeks prior gives us a chance to truly understand what your vision is and properly execute the day.

  • Planner + Coordinator for every 50 guests

    • Having one of our team members per 50 of your guests is very important​ because this helps us catch any mishaps that could occur and allows one of us to run around, and the other to stay with the two of you at all times. Having one planner on-site can keep us from catching important mishaps during the most important day of your life. You would not want that.

  • Unlimited communication

    • ​When the wedding starts getting closer you will start to have ideas popping into your mind all hours of the day. Sometimes we find this happens on a drive back from visiting friends and family, or late at night after a long day at work. No matter what the time our unlimited communication clause allows you to call, text, email us outside of business hours. We understand that the closer the date gets the more ideas you will have. We are here for you every day and at any time.

  • 3 face to face meetings

    • ​Face to face meetings is very important and even if this means you live out of state we will be there for these 3 meetings no matter what. So you are wondering why these are so important. Well, the first meeting is your venue walk-through. Like we said above this is the start of your wedding coordination package it is the foundation for us and for your vendors to figure out what you are visualizing. The second meeting is when we collect your personal decorations so that you don't have to worry about them getting to your venue for us to set up the day of. The final meeting is your wedding rehearsal. All very important!

  • Timeline creation and execution

    • ​Sure, you can find your wedding timeline online or create your own. However; we have over 14 years of experience handling events big and small. With that knowledge, we are able to foresee what will happen next in a timeline if executed improperly. For example, the Dance floor opens and then is interrupted by a cake cutting or a toast this action alone changes the entire vibe of your event and will slow down the excitement of the evening. With us creating your day-of timeline we are able to keep your guests happy and allow our couples to enjoy their day rather than feeling rushed.

  • Payment reminder

  • Floor plan creation

  • Delivery of limited items to the venue on the day of

  • Orchestrate Rehearsal Day

  • 1 week prior to wedding day last-minute errand assistance

    • This is a clause that many wedding professionals don't have. We provide it because we found that last-minute errands do pop up. This can be anything from grabbing flowers from the florist to making sure a certain email is sent out to your family members. We hope that with this option you utilize so the week of your wedding you are just concentrating on the two of you and your family time.

  • Assistance with setup of reception and ceremony decor

    • ​This is actually a very important clause for a lot of our couples. When planning a wedding, and designing your vision as a couple you have little details you want to display the day of. This can be anything from family portraits, personalized table numbers, to anything your heart desires. Since you two, your friends, your family is getting ready in the morning/afternoon and enjoying the few moments before your event begins. We can take your personal decor and set it up. No need to worry who will do it for you? and if it will be done correctly?

  • On-site coordination

    • ​Why is this important as we stated above having someone there to oversee and organize your vendors, bridal party, and guests is something that can't be overseen. The two of you only have time to be happy, mingle, and dance the night away. You should not be running around organizing vendors for the next event in your timeline, you should not be moving your guests to food for the evening, and you most definitely should not be handling any mishaps. This day is about the two of you to enjoy. It is very important to us that you don't have to worry or stress about anything the day of.

  • Point of contact with vendors and guests the day of

  • Distribution of final vendor payments and tips

    • At the beginning of your event, certain vendors like your DJ or Officiant will need to be paid the day of the wedding. Before you say you may forget the check. We have that handled. On the day of your rehearsal, we take all tips and final payment (checks) and distribute this for you. This way nothing is forgotten and you don't have to worry about it at the beginning or at the end of your wedding day.

  • Communication with vendors and venues to ensure contractual duties are met

  • Assistance with breakdown

  • And Much More! Contact us for more information!

Photo Credit: Tpoz Photography

Venue: Evergreen Museum and Library