Event Professional Appreciation

Today, I was going to write about the chaos of listening to your friends and family who never have planned multiple weddings in their entire life and how that creates unneeded stress. However; it seems as though I need to touch on how we as brides and grooms can appreciate our event professionals. 


As an event professional, I breathe, eat, and sleep my small wedding planning business and so do other event professionals. We also put our personal lives to the side to make sure that your wedding is perfect. This includes missing big family events, birthdays, vacations or just some personal time. 


Unless you are in this industry you will never understand the sacrifice that these vendors do to make your wedding day so very special and perfect. All I ask is that you remember we are human we are not your "hired help". Event professionals have the right to refuse to hire you as a client just as you do us. We would like to think all our couples as our friends. We are with you for a very extended amount of time and we know your greatest fears and your happiest moments. 


Question is how would you treat your friends? Would you get angry with them when they decide to take a Monday or Wednesday off because they have been working non-stop all weekend for 14 hours a day? Or would you understand that all humans even you need a break? 


Here is another hot topic. Feeding your event professionals and also another way to appreciate them. Please feed your vendors the day of the wedding and now a stale sandwich, chips, and a rotten apple (yes, this has happened before). They need sustenance because they have been there way before you arrive at


 your venue and leave well after you leave. A lot of event professionals have it in their contract that they must be provided a meal or they will leave for 1-2 hours to get food. 


Trust me! You do not want them to leave. Feeding them a meal is a great way to appreciate them for all their hard work. On the day of your wedding be kind, don't treat them like "the help". The more you appreciate them the more they will work harder on the day of your wedding. 


Basically what I am trying to say is we are all human and treat them with respect! 


They will go above and beyond what they have to do if they feel appreciated. 












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