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Welcome back! Last week we went over the overall design of a wedding. Today we will go over the main focal point of your wedding. What do I mean by the main focal point? A focal point is what you want your guests to focus on throughout the reception.

Most focal points are where the two of you will be sitting throughout the evening. Whether you want it or not people will be focused on you all evening. When designing a wedding we concentrate on bringing your entire theme to this one location however; also making all the attention on the two of you.

Our focal point will also be used as our ceremony altar so I had to think about what I wanted the overall look to be. Since we are going the tropical Moroccan vibe I leaned towards wood tones, greenery, and some natural candlelight. At first, I wanted a Boxwood with some flowers around it. When I realized that it would cost about $1800.00 just for the Boxwood to cover 16 feet of space. I knew that was probably not the route we should go. If you don't know what I am talking about I have a picture below.

I've always loved this look and it creates an amazing backdrop for pictures!

However; if you are a DIY bride check out this Youtube video for more information on how to build your own wall.

After spending hours trying to come up with another idea. I finally fell in love with this bohemian wooden ceremony backdrop that I found on Pinterest (I should listen to my own advice and not search Pinterest for wedding ideas).

I knew this was made from wood and definitely, a laser-cut design.

Next step was trying to figure out where to get it cut and how much would this cost. Oh! Forgot to mention I wanted three of these so it stretched 16 feet across for the focal point of the wedding.

I contacted two places one was a woodworking school located in Baltimore, MD and another was a private wood maker. Sadly both quoted me starting at $2,000.00 which was exceptionally more than my Boxwood idea so that was thrown out as well.

By now I am feeling a little overwhelmed and being that I am super type A person which means I know exactly what I want so I tend to be a little annoying when things go wrong. I was having a stressed-out meltdown! For sure starting to drive everyone around me crazy. My mom sat down with me to figure out what we could do that was affordable.

Finally! She came up with the idea of getting wooden dividers and having them stretch out as the main backdrop. After that, I would add tropical greenery to add a little touch of nature and then some lanterns and votives to bring the entire look together. You would be surprised all this cost $1000.00! Which is completely within my budget!

I turned on Canva and started to cut, copy, and paste to create a design that made sense. In the end, it looks great! I would show you my final masterpiece but you are going to have to wait until after the wedding! Sorry!

Next week I'll discuss how wedding anxiety starts 4 months in and it doesn't matter if you're a planner. Don't forget to subscribe!

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