Why I Started My Own Company?

Somebody one day asked me what drove me to open my own business? This reminded me that my case was different most entrepreneurs are driven by a vision to create something different. I was driven to bring both my talents together to create a service to assist everyday people.

I spent years working for different companies knowing that one day when I did decide to become an event planner on my own I would the knowledge of what it takes to create the entire event. What makes an amazing event? In my eyes, an event is something that leaves your guests and yourselves with the feeling of joy, and memories that bring back feelings of excitement, and friendship that you would love to do over and over again.

Learning from these different companies within the industry gave me the push to open my own business. I took my creativity, and my organizational talents and paired them with everything that I learned from DJ's, Caterers, Florists, Conferences, Bridal Shows, Conventions, Planners, and many more to create Glamour N'Glitz Events LLC.

Now I can say what makes me different from other planning companies is the background knowledge of having experience working in these different fields. As a planner when something goes wrong at the event you have to have the ability to know how to fix the issue. Sometimes if you are lucky you will find me standing to the side of an event scanning the room. The reason I am doing it is not that I have nothing to do. It's because I am checking to see if something has the potential to go wrong or something looks wrong. Such as incorrect lighting behind a sweetheart table that will create an awful hue in pictures, or the cake slowly falling to one side because the cake stand is broken or it's too hot and it's starting to melt. These are things normal people don't notice but I notice.

Most of all, I wanted other people to be able to create events that were not only creative, personalized, and fun but also memorable. Now I spend hours doing something fun. I have found planning different events is exactly what I love to do.

For those of you who are business owners, you know exactly what kind of passion it took for you to reach the idea of creating your own business. Those are not business owners all I can say is do your research. Running a business is no easy task and doing it right takes a lot of mistakes and triumphs to figure out what is right for your business. You will have some very low's and some very awesome highs. As long as you hang in there everything will be ok!

I can't wait to hit our 10th year next year. I am hoping that with my 10th year in business I will have figured all of this out! One can only keep their head held up high and find out. I want to hear from you. Do you own your own business? What are your struggles? Your Triumphs? Did you know we have a group called Professional In Motion? If you want to learn more send us your email and we add you!

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