Wedding DIY's

How to avoid a DIY disaster?

Personalizing your wedding has become a huge trend. Even more so the idea of DIYing elements into your own wedding. For some the thought of creating elements for their own wedding causes anxiety and for others, it seems like the right thing to do. We have listed out ways to still create your personalized details without running into issues.

Your Ceremony

Ceremonies usually last less than an hour, so for some spending $$$ for specialty arrangements gets pretty daunting. Instead, this is where your creativity can come into place.

  • Do your own vows

  • Creative unity ceremony

  • The simple backdrop to your ceremony

  • Baskets filled with locally grown flowers

  • Candles lined down the aisle

  • Ceremony program

We created our ceremony backdrop by purchasing 3 wooden room dividers from Wayfair and renting tropical plants from B.Willow. Very simple yet exactly what we were looking for.

Your Favors

A quick way to save money on wedding favors is to add a personal touch. Edible treats are always a safe bet. Create a baggie of goodies that mean something to the two of you. Check out the image below. Our bride put together a baggie of goodies that represented their hometown Baltimore.

Photography by Tpoz

Your Cake

Please, please, we beg you do not make your own cake. Making a cake may seem easy for a smaller event. However; for a wedding, many other things need to come into consideration. For example; transporting your wedding cake without damaging it the day of, the temperature of the room where the cake will be sitting. If the price is a factor in not hiring a vendor for your wedding cake. Consider a dessert bar instead and a small cutting cake.

Your Invitations & Save the Dates

You can do this in 100 different way's and if you check out our wedding planning series of blog you will see how we do it. I definitely don't just get the paper and think that this will be easier to do. It won't, it will cause so much stress to create invitations with stock paper and way too much time.

Photography by Jennifer Simmons

Your Centerpieces

This can be done when your centerpieces are simple. If you find that your idea of a centerpiece is more glamourous and requires you to pull videos of how to create a floral masterpiece. It's time to hire a florist. Not only will this save you time but in the end, it will save you money.

Your Catering

I have seen this as an option time and time again for couples on online forums. Without the consideration that it takes to a caterer to a large scale party. These are the reasons you should not DIY your reception food.

  • Keeping food cold or hot throughout the event

  • Who is going to serve the food?

  • Who is going clean up dishes, trash, the kitchen, pack away food?

Your Music

It's very tempting to skip out on your DJ. We have seen this happen at so many weddings. DJ's keep the party going and control the mood of the event. When you don't have a DJ and just an iPod it turns into quite a fiasco.

  • Your drunk friend will keep skipping through songs without considering the dance floor.

  • Your event will end early, we can bet on it.

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