The Day Arrived and it was Phenomenal

The day was November 23rd, 2019. I woke up super excited and super nervous about what the day had to bring. That morning my mom was going to do my hair (she is an amazingly talented individual). We practiced the way my side braid would be multiple times before the wedding. As I sat down I began to feel many emotions of happiness, nervousness, and anxiety (yes, anxiety still showed it's the ugly head). With anxiety comes my natural habit to micromanage the entire day. I texted my wedding coordinator to make sure the decor had arrived at the venue and she reassured me that it did. One less thing to worry about.

My hair was done and then arrived the talented Mrs. Ryan from Blend Event Artistry. A quick makeup application and we were ready to go! I come from a South Asian family saying we were ready to go was not actually how that morning went. So here is the play by play.

  • Make-up finished

  • I jump off the stool and no one is ready to go...except for my sister

  • I try and hurry my mom to be ready to go

  • We get stalled at the door from my aunt who wants to take pictures

  • and the whole time I am having an inner clock ticking about how far behind we are

Note to other couples: You will never account for how crazy your family makes you feel.

Headed to the venue and...the rumbling and grumbling in my stomach starts. Whoops, most definitely didn't eat enough. Story of my life! Once, I arrived at the venue to get ready I could see all my coordinating teams in high gear decorating the venue. Being hungry went out of the window. I was again super excited and nervous all at once.

Getting ready was a breeze and my nerves started to disperse and yours will too. Just remember to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and open and you will see the man you are about to spend the rest of your life with.

We did a first look and it was wonderful. He looked great and super nervous but it was so worth it. We got to have some alone time with each other before seeing everyone at the venue.

The first look is completely worth it. Listen to your coordinator and photographer when they tell you to do it. It gives you time to be with each other before seeing everyone and to get as many pictures as you want.

It was really cold! Of course, one day in the week that it is our wedding day it decided to be freezing outside. As a bride, you have no control over the weather. So just brush it off and keep doing what you planned. Everything will turn out great!

We get back to the venue. Everything is set up and ready to go. With the help of our wedding coordinators, florist, and catering staff. No worries there everything looked amazing and exactly what I had planned for.

Ceremony Time

As wedding planner myself, I made it quite clear to the people in our ceremony to arrive at 4 pm which was exactly 1 hour prior to our ceremony time. Everyone arrived except for one person. Instead of going into panic mode. I just grabbed one of my little cousins and placed her into the ceremony.

I think it didn't matter to me because I had my family and his family color coordinate for the wedding. It didn't really matter who was in the ceremony when everyone matched anyways. Although I would have loved her to walk with me. Such is life. Light's, Camera, Action here we go to our "I do's".

Reception Time

Since we had already taken our pictures before the ceremony we had plenty of time to be with our guests, to eat, dance, and enjoy the day to the fullest. Our guests were raving about our food stations, the dance party, and the way the entire wedding was organized.

Honestly, the day still went by really fast but it was worth it. We were able to truly enjoy every moment of our wedding. From our "I do's" to the very end of the most amazing day of our lives. Wouldn't have been possible without our amazing vendors.

Thank you

Mike Oswald Photography

Amber with Glamour N'Glitz Events LLC

Flowers by Wendy

Haven Street Ballroom

B. Willow

Zeffert & Gold Catering

AM Films

Blend Makeup Artistry

Thorough Bred Sedan, Van, & Bus

I am Periii

Chris Styles

Canton Corner Barbershop

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