Want to be in the best shape of your life? For the best day in your life.

A couple of blogs ago we talked about good posture on your wedding day. You can find that blog here. Now let's talk about getting shape. This is a constant struggle with most women. We fluctuate so much because multiple reasons. Mostly our hormones are the main reason.

I am not an avid gym-goer I go to the gym maybe 3 times a week. I hate CARDIO... which you need to do to lose some weight. I am about 4 months away from our wedding date and about 15 weeks away from my bachelorette party. Which mean it's time to buckle down!

This week I pulled out my favorite diet plan the Flat Belly Diet. If you haven't tried it it's pretty easy and doesn't require much change in your life. The 3 main rules are:

  1. You can eat 400 calories or less per meal

  2. Do not eat more than 4 hours apart from each meal

  3. Have one monounsaturated fat per meal

See not that bad. The food is also really good! The last time I did this diet the first week you lose a lot of water which decreases your bloat. Gives you a great jumpstart to eating your way to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Next step, find a workout routine that works for you. I joined Crunch which is a gym located in Canton, Baltimore, MD. Just your basic machines, group classes, and weights. I met with their personal trainer and would have signed up but it just didn't seem worth it for me.

The very next day I went to Ilovekickboxing and I haven't been to a class in a month. I still have Groupon classes to use so figured I would give it another try. Of course just like last time I loved it! Bonus I have a weighted bag at home and gloves so when I am not in a class I can still do it at home.

I signed up. They have a month to month plan and provide a great accountability group. Plus each class includes HIIT, boxing, stretching. You burn 800 calories in one class! Trust me it feels amazing and if you follow the diet plus classes you can lose 1-2 pounds per week.

I will keep you updated on my weight loss, toning progress. Right now I have just started.

Tell me about your weight loss journey to your ideal weight. I want to know! Oh and don't forget to subscribe.

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