The Hidden Meaning Behind Our Name

There are many routes to brand names, whether it be blind luck or a clever hidden meaning. This had to be the largest decision I had to make. A name signifies so much for a company. I wanted the name to directly reflect what we could offer our clients. Also, be able to reach top search results in Google (because you know that matters).

I can still remember the day sitting in front of the computer writing every name possible that I could think of and hitting search in Google. I wish I could tell you what all the other names were. At that time Glamour stood out to be a name that meant something beautiful could be created. Glitz was something fun and exciting. Both those words seemed to hit exactly what I was trying to do.

Then came Google rankings and at that point names that were higher up in the alphabet had chance ranking higher. This is how Glamour N'Glitz Events was born.

Since 2011, we have created many beautiful, fun, and exciting events and we can't wait to create many more. Our mission has changed multiple times but the true meaning has never once changed. This is why we will always be Glamour N'Glitz Events.

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