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In Honor of Infertility Awareness Week

"You don't have to justify the decisions you have to make while struggling with infertility" @infertilitymillennial

I can't describe to you what Infertility feels like. It feels like so many things all at once. Before, I found out about my infertility I had friends who went through different kinds of infertility than my own. I knew how much pain they felt, and went through every day. I just never thought it could be me.

What you don't know

Infertility comes in many different forms with so many different struggles in tow.


After finding out about my own infertility I realized that my story and so many others were very similar. It didn't hurt any less, but it did help to know I could speak to others who understood and just listened. The one thing I did learn on this journey is that you must ADVOCATE for yourself. Sad to say but the health care for women in this country is ridiculous.

Without pushing my doctors to run certain tests I would have never known that I had Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (failure). If at any point you feel in your gut that something isn't right. Push until someone listens. I had doctors tell me to just wait, everything is ok, you shouldn't worry, you're too young to worry about this right now, and so on. Until one listened and the tests started. Some were very invasive, some were weeks of blood tests. We had moments of hope, moments of heart-shattering news, and some moments of the unknown hovering over us.

"They were times when I wished I didn't push for these tests after receiving the news. But, now I know I did the right thing. My diagnosis comes with a lot of other issues that need to be handled and eventually would have come up later in life. If I had waited it may have been too late." - Nageen

Even now, after my diagnosis I still find myself advocating for myself. My diagnosis is so rare that they aren't many doctors who understand it. I still have a hard time understanding it myself, which makes it so difficult to advocate for myself. So this requires me to do my own research, read studies being done in Europe, and have these discussions with my current doctors to handle managing this diagnosis. It's a deep struggle to mentally and physically handle at times.


"Infertility is a process, it's grieving just like someone died."

For women dealing with infertility, support can be done in many ways, but most of all patience and understanding is the best gift someone can receive.

These are some other ways you can be supportive:

  1. Do not offer advice - couples going through this do not need someone to solve the problems they just need someone to listen, love, and support them.

  2. Don't assume - most have tried everything. Avoid assuming there is something they haven't tried or that they are doing something wrong.

  3. Be patient and understanding - many try to avoid situations like baby showers, first birthdays, and so on. They aren't trying to be rude to you. They are trying to protect their heart from more pain of loss.

  4. Become an Advocate - advocate for the family building community on both federal and state-level you can do this by clicking here.

  5. Donate or fundraise

  6. Wear orange on Wednesday 4/27/2022 #wearorange

Starting a caring revolution!

If you just found out. I know how you feel. It's a sense of being alone through it all. A sense that no one will understand. They are so many emotions you are going to go through. Denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. It's hard, but you will get through it. At any point, you feel like the pain is too much I am here to give you a hug. Please reach out!

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