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How To Narrow Down Your Wedding Design

Wedding planning is a rollercoaster of emotions. It brings sometimes the worst out of us. Yet, always ends with the best. Whenever I have the chance I love to share my insight on wedding planning tips that will save you from the worst of you.

Planning your wedding with basic knowledge and education on how to navigate efficiently and successfully through this process is my hope. The information in this week's blog will hopefully guide you in the steps to take your vision and wedding aesthetic and make it clear.

Read on to learn more about how to narrow down your wedding vision!

Photography by Anna Reynal

It's All About The Style!

It's all about the style! When you walk into a wedding, there is a style based on what you see, what you hear, and what you experience. When you create your wedding style, it might be magical, it might be romantic, it might be simple, it might be tropical, it might luxurious. It is your special style, it is personalized to you and each wedding is unique in its own way.

Creating a style is a great first step to laying down the foundation for planning your wedding. This will guide your decisions as you have a certain vibe that will help keep your choices in line.

We ask all our couples a couple of simple questions as they work to put their vibe together.

  1. How do you want your wedding to look?

  2. How do you want your wedding to feel?

  3. What are your must-haves?

  4. What are your dislikes?

  5. What are the colors, textures, flowers that you think can fit your wedding vibe?

Photography by Anna Reynal

Remember What is Important

Understanding who you are as a couple and the presentation you want to create is beyond important and helpful as the two of you work together to find the right tone for your wedding.


Additionally, every couple I speak to has a Pinterest board where they have pinned everything that has caught their eye. While this is great because you are essentially creating a virtual mood board for your wedding. It can also be very overwhelming.

Take some time with your partner or wedding planner and work to remove pins that are similar in nature. Narrowing down images will help you curate a cohesive style for your wedding.

Always Remember

You can be BIG and bold or simple and classic, but always make sure it reflects the two of you as partners.

I want you to remember that this day is all about you. It is supposed to be fun and a moment to remember forever. There is no wrong, do you!

Photography by Anna Reynal

Let's Have Some Fun!

If you are ready to begin your wedding design journey, click here to get in touch with our team. We would love to opportunity to meet and work with the two of you. It's important to remember to do a little research and find some information before meeting your wedding planners and floral consultants. Don't ever forget that this process is all about the one you love, so make sure you two take the time to truly enjoy it and don't get too stressed out! Ready to chat? We can't wait to meet you!

Vendors involved in this design

Wedding Planning & Design: Glamour N'Glitz Events LLC (Woman Owned)

Floral: Flowers by Wendy Carol (Woman Owned)

Venue: Home residence

Tent, tables, and chairs: Select Event Rentals

DJ: Will Cole

Catering: Steez Catering (Black Owned)

Photography: Anna Reynal

Videography: Palette Films

Transportation: Thoroughbred Sedan Van & Bus

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