5 Steps To Find Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Finding your dream gown can be stressful. After all, you've likely never even tried one on before, and it will be the most expensive garment you will ever own. With all eyes on you and pictures that you will keep forever. Who can blame you for wanting to look perfect on your big day!

But what does perfect mean to you? For some brides, a dream dress is a princess gown, a sexy sheath gown, a vintage tea length, an offbeat color. To other brides, the best dress is one that allows them to move and eat as much food as their heart desires.

The choices can seem overwhelming. No matter your budget, your personal style. Today I will provide some wedding dress shopping tips for finding the gown of your dreams.

Step 1: Finding some inspiration

This is the fun part! I didn't really look into magazines for my dress. I actually explored Pinterest for exactly what I was looking for. Using Keywords like Indo western gowns, south Asian wedding gowns... for me, my journey to find a wedding gown was a little different.

The story is my mom wanted me to wear a traditional western white gown while in our culture we wear traditionally red south Asian gowns. I wanted neither. I wanted a colorful white and dark navy with silver embellishment Indian/western wedding gown.

Sounds complicated right? Well, yes it is! very complicated. So we searched... I found some online of the kind that I was looking for so that I can hop from boutique to boutique looking for the dress of my dreams.

Step 2: Set your appointment

Most bridal boutiques if not all would require you to book an appointment. Do this sooner rather than later. It takes at least 4 months for your dress to be made and shipped back to the states. Followed by alterations. So DO NOT wait till the last minute.

Tip 1: Size Shocker

Wedding gowns are not true to size. This means your gown's number will often be one to two sizes higher than for your street size. Do not freak out! It is just a number.

Tip for Tip 1: Do not argue with your consultant.

Trust me when I tell you this your bridal consultant knows what size to order for you. Do not request a size smaller than what they recommend. It is always better for the size of your dress to come in bigger during "try on" time than for it to arrive smaller. Smaller means it won't fit and you will most likely not have enough material to make it fit for your day. HUGE HEADACHE

Step 3: Set your budget and stick with it!

Save yourself some heartache and go to your appointment with a clear mind of your ultimate budget. When you arrive at the bridal boutique be sure to tell your consultant a hard number. This way you won't fall in love with a gown out of your budget.

Step 4: Your Entourage

Who is your entourage? This could be your bridesmaids, a close friend, sister, dad, mom, mother in law...whomever you choose. My best advice is to bring a few as possible with you. Only bring those whose opinions matter most to you.

Step 5: What to wear

There is a special kind of etiquette that comes into play when trying on wedding gowns and one is the most important. SHOWER before you come to the appointment. Your consultant will be up close and personal with you during the whole appointment helping you put on these gowns. You don't want to be smelly. Secondly, wear a strapless nude bra and panties so that you can visualize your whole look.

Final Step: Enjoy

Yes! This is important. I understand this whole process is very stressful and so does everyone around you but do not arrive at this most important step with a grumpy personality. Be open-minded in the styles of gown you are searching for and just simply enjoy the moment. Guess what? You will never do this again. It is a moment to remember for a lifetime.

I want to thank St. Mary's Brides for Haiti for dealing with my indecisiveness. If anyone is looking for a gown they have some wonderful brand new Western Wedding Gowns for sale.

Shout out to Maharani Fashions in New Jersey for designing my Indo Western wedding gown. It came out perfectly.

Photography by Mike Oswald Photography

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