Guests Attire: The do's and don't

This has become a very popular forum on many wedding sites. Why? Well, you tell me. When you attend a wedding how many times are you in shock that a guest is wearing an outfit they shouldn't be wearing to a wedding.

I am writing this blog to pinpoint what is right and wrong. Most of all the do's and don't vary from culture to culture and each guest needs to do their due diligence when picking out their attire for your wedding.

Outfit Cheat Sheet

Black Tie:

He should wear a Tuxedo, while she should wear a cocktail dress or a long evening gown.


He should wear a dark formal suit with a tie, while she should wear a long evening dress.


He should wear a suit and tie, and lean towards darker hues for winter months, and lighter grays or blues during the summer months. She should wear a cocktail dress.

Beach Formal:

This term usually refers to an elegant beach wedding so stay away from sundresses. Wear outfits that are dress to impress. He should wear a summer suit (linen shirt, no ties, or khakis). She should wear a formal dress (tea or knee-length with flat sandals.

Colors Cheat Sheet

1. NEVER wear white! Unless asked to do so. Some couples are choosing to do all white parties. However; unless asked DO NOT DO THIS!

2. Too Sparkly - This is a major do not when you are attending a daytime or informal wedding. It will be seen as stealing the spotlight. However; if you are attending an evening formal wedding go right ahead and wear sparkles!

3. No Black - Especially if you are attending a cultural wedding such as Muslim or Hindu. Black is viewed as an unlucky color in Hindu ceremonies and is considered something you wear when someone is dying in Muslim ceremonies.

4. No Red - Chinese weddings and often Indian weddings as well brides wear red. If you are attending one of these cultural weddings, it is best to steer clear of wearing red.

I hope this helps give you a little insight on what you should wear to the next wedding you are attending!

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