Friendors...6 Reasons Why professional advise against it!

1. They might know you, but they don't know weddings

Many friends don't have experience with weddings. Their own wedding does not count as knowing weddings. Every wedding is different and every wedding has its own issues. They won't know to cue the DJ or look for the signal of the caterer, They might get in the way of the photographer, they may even forget simple things.

2. They're not professionals

Your friends are willing to take on a job at your wedding to build their portfolio because it is not their full-time job. As much as we want to support our friends in their new careers or hobbies ask yourself if your wedding is the best place for your friend to use their brand new skills. Instead, help them by finding another planner they can shadow and learn from.

3. They can make mistakes

When you hire people who are not professionals the chances of mistakes happening increase ten-fold. We had a DJ -friendor who forgot to download all the songs needed for the wedding. I had to sit with them for 1 hour prior to download all the music. They thought they could just wing it.

4. What happens if you're not happy?

If you were working with a professional vendor and were unhappy with their services, it would be fairly easy to mitigate the situation. What would you do if this happened with your friend? It can be really awkward to tell your best friend that they failed. You wouldn't want to hurt their feelings.

5. $$ and friendship don't mix

This saying is so true! Many couples have a hard time discussing money with their vendors let alone with their friends. You might feel like you should be getting your flowers free or at a highly discounted rate from your friend but your friend is going to charge you 60% of their normal rate. What happens if that is too expensive for you? What if you forget to pay them? Do you really want your friend to send you a late payment reminder?

6. Your friends don't get to have fun

When you ask your friends to work at your wedding. Trust me when I say they will not have time to enjoy your wedding. No dancing with you, no eating and drinking, no chatting with you. They will be running around making sure you are having the time of your life. While they put out the fires.

How do you feel about friendors? Let us know in the comments below!

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