Dapper Suit for the Groom

The time has come to look for the most important decision for your groom. The wedding suit along with the accessories.

Before we get started these are some things to consider

  1. How long before the wedding should I plan on getting a suit?

  2. Should I rent or purchase?

  3. What material and what color do I want?

  4. 3 piece suit or two piece suit?

  5. What shirt should I wear with my suit?

  6. Which shoes to choose?

  7. Pocket square? or boutonniere? or both?

  8. Which tie? or bowtie?

  9. which belt?

  10. Cufflinks?

After thinking about all these questions. Remember your groom should have say in most of this.

The Process from Start to Finish

2-3 Months Prior - During this time you should consider what color and what style you want. At least start the process.

Rental or Purchase - Every groom is going to consider both options. On one hand the rental option is suitable when you have a tight budget and you want a designer suit or tux but in the end you will still be paying a couple hundred and won't get to keep your outfit. On the other hand purchasing a suit that is designed for you. You will use it again and again after the wedding. It is a great investment.

Material and Color - This part of the design process is all dependent on your style and personal taste, other things to consider is the season, time and place of your wedding. If you take a look below we have listed the seasons with their correlating color and material. Just a helpful tip!

Autumn - Winter - Heavy material like 100% wool, wool silk, wool mohair blend. Dark colors like blue, dark blue, midnight blue and charcoal grey.

Spring - Summer - Wool & silk blends. The weight of the fabric should be light. Colors should be blue or grey.

Style - A classic suit is a 3 piece suit in a blue. This means a 3 buttons on the suit, single vent, 4 buttons on the sleeve, with jetted pockets. Contemporary suit is a great for a beach wedding pretty much ditches the class look and looks more fresh and lighter 3 piece. The suit will be a 3 buttoned suit with double vents, three buttons on the sleeve, with jetted or flap pockets.

Choosing Your Shirt - A man's dress shirt is most important in the presentation. The shirt plays a supportive role by enhancing the suit or it can stand alone and be the centerpiece of the outfit. The shirt should be made to measure and be comfortable for your wedding day.

Shoes - Basic features of shoes are black, leather and laced up. A black shoe is considered a preferable formal look. For navy blue suits; a medium to dark brown should be worn. However; you can always break the traditional rules!

Pocket Square? or Boutonniere? - I recommend wearing both for a more elegant look. Both of them are essential parts of the groom traditional attire and it is a great way to add personality to what you're wearing.

Which Tie? - There are a variety of different styles for a groom to complete the wedding look with a wedding tie. The best color options are what goes with your wedding colors.

Which Belt? - When you have a well fitted suit you don't need a belt because the trousers should fit you perfectly.

Cufflinks - This is the perfect time for the other person to gift. Cufflinks completes your wedding look. No buttons on the cuffs so that you can fasten them with cufflinks. Decorative cufflinks are a lot of fun and will compliment your personality and the look!

Most of all remember! This is a special time for your significant other work together and make this a beautiful thing for the both of you!

P.S. we went with a custom suit by Natty Adams and I can't wait to see how it turned out!

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