COVID - 19 and Your Wedding - What you need to know?

For the past few weeks, we have all been following our government's posts on the dreaded COVID - 19. It started with a restriction of 250 guests allowed to gather which yes affected the event industry drastically. Festivals, conferences, and large gatherings were canceled left and right.

As a wedding planner, I contacted all my large weddings and had to tell them to decrease their guest count. How do you suppose you do that after RSVP's have already come in? The only way is to ask your most vulnerable to stay home. That you will live stream the wedding.

Then! Yesterday, the CDC released that they recommend all gatherings decrease to a guest count of 50. Fifty! That is a huge change for a lot of weddings. If your state decided to follow the CDC recommendations. This is what you can do:

  1. Postpone your wedding to a later date we recommend summer or fall.

  2. Contact your venue and see if you can move the date. (most have been very understanding).

  3. After you select a postponement date you have to call all your vendors and move things around. If you need some assistance you can contact us and we can do it for you. For a small fee of $45 per hour.

  4. Also, check with your wedding insurance to see if they cover postponement. If you don't have wedding insurance. It is probably best to get it now. Click here to purchase your wedding insurance.

Now if you are still in the process of planning your wedding this is one thing to consider. A Mirco Wedding!

What is a Mirco Wedding and what are the advantages?

A Mirco Wedding is a wedding with a guest list of fewer than 50 people. It is not an elopement. We love planning Mirco Wedding's these weddings give our couples a chance to really enjoy their day! We have listed some of the advantages below.

During the COVID-19 your wedding does not fall under not being able to gather or celebrate

While the rule of 50 people or less applies you can still have the wedding you imagined. 

A Mirco Wedding can save you a lot of $$$

The main reason is you have fewer guests which means less money you have to spend on your wedding. The fewer people you invite, the less food, alcohol, invitations, decorations, flowers and wedding desserts you need to pay for. 

You can stretch your budget further

Since you don't have to pay a fortune with fewer guests you can splurge on a band or a sit-down meal. Whatever kind of wedding dream you may have it can be a real possibility when you plan a Micro Wedding. 

Introverts dream come true

If you and your partner have social anxiety but still want to enjoy this special time with your friends and family. Getting married in front of 50 or fewer people is the way to do it. A small wedding crowd means you can actually spend time with all your friends and family. 

Way more venue options

With a Micro Wedding, you can get married anywhere. Micro Wedding mean you can get married in a creative location. 

If you are considering a Micro Wedding contact us for a free consultation to get started. We will go over the steps to pull your event together and an estimate of what your initial budget will be.

Also, if you are interested in one of our full planning packages for Micro weddings send us a quick message and mention you would like a Micro Wedding. We can send you over a quick planning quote.

Happy Planning!

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