6 Tips for hiring an amazing DJ

Your wedding entertainment is one way you can make sure your guests have the most fun at your wedding. It can also be another way of adding your own personal touch to the wedding. Your wedding a party! You want to make it the best party that your guests will speak of for years to come. Whether your goal is to get people moving on the dance floor or to just have some great music. Hiring a wedding DJ can be a great option. Unlike a live band, a DJ can play the music that your guests love and make smooth transitions between songs so there is no weird silence. The DJ also works as you MC and keeps your event moving smoothly. Hiring a great DJ depends greatly on what kind of music you want. If you want to dance all night or just want background music. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a DJ.

1. Know what to look for and where

The most common option is to go with a DJ whose primary business is weddings. Wedding Dj's know the ins and outs of weddings which make them very popular when trying to find a DJ for a wedding.

If your focus is on having a party where your guests will be dancing all night, you may consider a DJ who has experience as a local club DJ. These Dj's may actually even have experience with weddings. To find one you can start by asking your local event planners or local clubs. This is the most ideal option.

2. Ask to hear samples of the wedding DJ's work

Once you have found a DJ or two that fits your wedding vibe ask to see videos of their past performances or sample playlists.

3. Give the DJ your playlist and your do not playlist

If you are set on a playlist, discuss it with your DJ and make sure they understand what you want and don't want. Professional DJ's will more than likely ask you this question well in advance.

4. Does you DJ MC?

Having a Master of Ceremonies is very important in a wedding. I have heard some DJ's refusing to do this. Recommend all couples to ask their DJ if they will be an MC. Otherwise, you will have to find someone else to perform this service.

5. Get a contract

As with all vendors, you should get a contract. Don't work with anybody who won't provide one. This is a huge red flag!

6. Don't DIY

You need a professional DJ to have music or even a dance party. You can set up the sound equipment and have a playlist ready. But there is no one to crossfade the songs or be in charge of watching the vibe of your guests to see what songs will get them on the dance floor.

We have a very detailed list of highly professional DJ's in the DC, MD, VA area. If you are looking for a DJ please contact us.

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