5 Things No Couple Wants To Hear

It's no lie, wedding planning can be stressful. With an endless to-do list month to month, from the decor, dress shopping, wrangling of family members, it can all add up real fast.

That said, there are a few things that no couple wants to hear on their wedding planning journey but you NEED to keep in mind.

Save yourself the headache by knowing these 5 things!

1. Wedding Invitations

I hate to tell you this, but these suckers end up in the recycling bin pretty quickly after your wedding. I am sure you have had a vision of a beautiful intricate wedding invitation. Your guests don't care. The average couple spends $500 on their wedding invites. There are many more affordable options that fit your budget.

Story Time

I was that bride who wanted a scroll wedding invitation until I saw the cost. The scroll itself costs $3.00 to create, $1.00 stamp, $1.00 box to send them in the mail. That came out to $5 per invitation. 95 invites would cost $475.00 and this is when I decided I needed to think of some other way to present our wedding theme and send it out.


These invites I designed myself on Canva.com they turned out amazing! On top of it all, they only cost $242.00. As a planner and designer, I know that not everyone is creative. We have added this service to our packages. So, if you are in the invitation hole just send us a quick message and we will send you a quick design that you can print yourself.

Contact: Nageen@glamournglitzevents.com

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2. Ceremony Programs

Same as invitations. They last maybe 30 minutes in the hands of your guests and then end up in the trash.

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Every wedding I do that has paper ceremony programs 95% of them get left on the ceremony chairs and then straight into the trash. In my eyes, it's a waste of money. Yes, probably will cost $300 to print and design all of them. Your guests don't care. Just don't print ceremony programs.


Instead, create a sign with all the necessary details listed on it. Something like the image below.

3. Wedding Favors

Engraved champagne flutes, customized wine glasses, and other novelty items are oftentimes forgotten by guests and an added expense for the two of you.


Make wedding favors that also act as your escort cards. For example mosaic-tiled coaster with their names on it. Not only does it tell them where to sit. It is something they take with them to their seat, and back home with them. Leaving you with just pictures of your favors instead of them sitting on your counter at home.

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4. Wedding Planners are not weather gods

I hate to admit it but we are not weather gods. No matter how bad we would love to control the weather on your wedding day it's a power we have no yet mastered.


Like most planners, we usually have a plan in place for storms. We had a wedding in 2016 located at London Town Gardens which is off the water and completely outside in a tent. The weather a week before looked like a hurricane was in the works. My team and I called the tenting company, the venue, and the vendors to come up with a better plan if this were to occur. We put weights down on the tent sides, covered the walk-way so guests could get to the tent without getting wet. In the end, the storm passed us completely and it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! But, what the bride loved the most was we had everything taken care of before she even figured it out.


The best thing I can advise is to trust your wedding planner. Most of all if they tell you, you can't have your wedding outside. Please trust them and don't get angry. They are telling you no because even if you tell your guests to sit in the drizzle, and you walk through the grass. YOU WILL GET WET! That's not our fault in the end. Blame it on the weather.

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