Wedding Bands

Got Ya! We aren't talking about an actual band we are going to chat about the one that goes around your finger.

Love is a universal language, but weddings and marriages are culturally diverse. Let's dive into what wedding rings mean in different cultures.

Norway/Chile - Men and Women get rings with they're engaged and place them on their right hand. So, ladies make sure to surprise your man as well. Then they move their engagement ring to their left hand to signify they are married.

India - In the Hindu culture not only do the man and woman get hand rings but they also get toe rings.

Japan - Exchanging rings was not custom until now. Back in the day a couple with exchange 3 sips of Sake during their ceremony.

I always found it fascinating to see what other cultures did. Also, how surprising how many different cultures adopted the western way of engagement rings and wedding bands.

We are in the process of trying to figure out the perfect wedding band for each other. What I can recommend is when shopping for your significant others ring do plenty of research. Things to keep in mind.

1. Diamond cut, clarity and color

2. Material used for wedding band

3. Does it need to be re-dipped?

Most of all make sure it fits! Especially for the wedding band some material types can't be resized and that can cause a lot of headache in the long run.

I would love to see your rings! Post below and subscribe for next week blog!

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