Wedding Invitations!

Who would have known wedding invitations would take so long?!?! Not so much the process but figuring out what design, type of paper, style of font, wording, laser cut pocket or plain envelope, wax seal or no wax seal, hand canceling or no hand canceling. The list can go on and on.

Funny thing, it's just a piece of paper that your friends, and family will just look at for the information, and not take in all the hard work you put into the design. Unless you are me! I notice every little detail that goes into an invitation. That's probably because I design invitations for my clients. Details matter in my opinion.

Everything must coordinate! The weight or feel of the card down to the lettering, the colors of the font, and the design. Like I always say, every little element in a wedding must cohesively go together and make sense, however that could just be me!

Wedding invitations

In the picture is a wedding invitation that Glamour and Glitz Events LLC had a chance to design with the bride. She wanted to incorporate her story book garden theme into it. I think it turned out great!

So back to my wedding. It took me one week to design and create our wedding invitations. Why a whole week? Well I had a design in mind, and I wanted to go the easy way, and just log into an online wedding invitation company.

Photography by: Jennifer Simmons Photography

and have them create it for me. That seemed to cause more issues for me than I thought it would.

Here are the issues I ran into:

  1. Not finding the exact theme I wanted (This was a huge struggle)

  2. The price was outrageous (I did want something amazing, but I wasn't willing to pay $3 per card and $2 to mail them out)

Having an unique, affordable, and creative design that I liked was very important to me. So, if you are creative like me and on a budget, all you have to do is design it yourself!

I went on to and started to design my own wedding invitation. The design has matching table numbers and it matches my escort cards as well all with the similar theme I wanted. also allows you to print your invitations straight from their program.

The result? I saved a ton of money and got the design I wanted by doing it myself! Here is the break down below:

If I went through

  • slide in cards $.79 each

  • 3.5 x 5 RSVP flat card $.38 cents each

  • A8 envelops sapphire $.32 cents each

  • Printing

  • Calligraphy and mailing out

  • Just 80 cards

Total: $160.00

If I went through

With all above: $213.00

If I went through

With all above: $245.oo

Since we went through

  • We designed 5x7 flat card

  • With RSVP double sided

  • Envelopes

  • Wax seal/Stamp

  • Stamps

  • With 100 cards

It came out to: $147.00

Again the best thing is we saved some money and we got exactly what we were looking for!

What sites have you used to purchase your wedding invitations? Did you find this process to be very time consuming as well? We want to know! Comment below to let us know and don't forget to follow!

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