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Updated: Jan 19

What is a wedding website?

It is a personal website that engaged couples use to aid in planning and communicating with their guests for their wedding. The websites are created by the couple or the planner to inform guests of the location, date, time, travel, accommodations, gift registry and online RSVP's. Sometimes couples add their own personality to the website telling a little about themselves.

A Wedding website is a huge trend and they are very helpful! They can be very stressful for the couple to create. It took us 3 hours to make sure ours was correct. Also, took me a full day to figure out which one worked for us.

Wedding websites and which one is best for you?

At first, I couldn't find anything that fit with our wedding style so I thought I would go on the route of creating our own website on WIX. I did just that and then realized I needed to pay for a premium plan to publish it for $11 a month and my fiance was so not ok with that.

I was a little frustrated with the millions of options out there and I was scrolling through every single one to figure out which one suited us. I logged onto Facebook and asked in a Facebook Group called Big Budget Brides which website platform worked for them and this was the list I received.

Wedding Website Options:

  1. Zola

I liked Zola but they had very little options for design and registry was very limited. Oh, and it's FREE.

  1. Riley and Grey

Riley and Grey looked like a cost a little much from every other website platform so we nixed that out.

  1. Minted

Minted is what we ended up going with. It is FREE, however; if you want to pay $20 you get a personalized URL and a few more features. We went with FREE.

  1. The Knot

The Knot could have been an option because it definitely is FREE however; I found the personalization options to also be very limited.

  1. SquareSpace

I didn't really look into SquareSpace but to be honest this is a website platform and is probably just like Wix.

  1. Wix

Wix, I designed a website for us but in the end, it was going to cost us a little more than what we would have liked.

  1. Appycouple

I loved Appycouple cause everything is in the palm of your hand. However; I have a few older guests and I knew they would be so confused with it being an App.

So in the end with all the options we choose Minted as soon as we start sending our invites out I will let you know how easy it is for guests to use!

Let me know which one you choose and why. We would love to know! See you next week.

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