Wedding Vendor Dream Team Part 2

Last weeks blog was part 1 of hiring your vendor dream team. This is part 2!

Photo booth

We knew we wanted some kind of entertainment besides the DJ but didn't want a closed photo booth. So we fell upon the Mirror Booth! It is super fun and full of interactive capabilities. These are the questions you should ask before renting your photo booth.

1. How many hours are included?

2. How many assistants?

3. How much space do they need? Do they need a table for props?

4. Power nearby?

5. Will lights reflect in the mirror? (this is a question only For the mirrored booth)

6. Do we get unlimited prints?

7. Monogram included in prints?

8. How much!

Make-Up Artist

My make up artist is amazing her name is Ryan and she owns Blend Event. She also is a well -known lip artist. Featured in Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and Buzzfeed. She was also commissioned by Cover Girl! She is an amazingly talented artist and I am so excited that she will be doing my make up!

1. How long will your artist take to do you/bridesmaids?

2. How much does a trial cost? (Make sure you ask this a lot of artists don't freely tell you this)

3. How much does travel cost?

4. What kind of room does she need?

5. Make sure you read their contract.

6. What time does she have to arrive?

7. What is included?

8. How much for everything?

We still have a couple of vendors to choose which I have not done just yet. The rest of your vendors should be chosen 6 months prior to your wedding date. Next week we will discuss hotel blocks.

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