How to hire your wedding vendor dream team

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's time to hire your wedding vendors. Soon you will be asking for recommendations from friends and family, scoring the internet for reviews, making calls, and setting up interviews. How will you know all the important questions to ask? Don't worry I got you covered!

Hiring your wedding vendors is the first big step after your venue and catering have been completed. To assemble your Dream Team, you must actually get to know them. Create a bond because you are going to be with these people forever, they will be in every memory, you have for your wedding day.

In this blog, we will go over questions you should ask your wedding vendors during an interview with them. Write them down in your wedding journal. When you go to interview your wedding vendors, the questions will be right there.

What do I mean by a dream team?

Wedding vendor dream team

A dream team of wedding vendors consists of a team that firstly understands what the two of you want for your wedding day. Secondly, they know how to work as a team with other vendors and the day goes smoothly. Without a dream team, you can run into many issues.

For Example, a vendor who is all about ME and not TEAM creates many issues with other vendors. They will go against what your coordinator says and deter off the timeline. They feel like they know what is right. If you are worried about your vendors another way to avoid any craziness is to contact a local wedding planner. They have a large master list of vendors that work within your budget and they know who works well together.

Tip: Glamour N'Glitz Events a la carte section provides the vendor list for $100.00 That one small amount of money will save you time and headache. Plus dropping the planners' name to the vendors on the list can sometimes give you a little break on the cost!

Who do you need for your dream team? what questions should you ask?


We actually asked our friend to be our officiant. Neither of us is really religious and wanted to do a ceremony that was about the two of us. That didn't involve too many conflicts between our families if we tried to merge both religious ceremonies together. However; this brings me to a great first step!

  1. Figure out what kind of ceremony you want. (religious, interfaith, non-denominational, civil, same-sex...)

  2. Are they available on your date? Most importantly are they legally allowed to marry you in your state?

  3. Do they have examples of scripts of wedding ceremonies they did?

  4. How much will they be involved in the ceremony process?

  5. Can you write your own vows? Will they assist you in doing that?

  6. How long is a typical ceremony?

  7. How long have they been an officiant? How many weddings have they done?

  8. How many times will you meet?

  9. Do they do rehearsals?

  10. What are they going to wear?

  11. Will they fill out and file your marriage license?

  12. Do they have a back up just in case they can't make it?

  13. What is there cancellation process?

  14. How much do they cost?

Wedding Coordinator/Planner

I was actually bullied (Joking, I love them) by my own team to hire them to plan our wedding and coordinate it. So this was not hard for me to figure out. For you though, here are some questions to ask.

  1. Does she/he have a business license and insurance? (These are very important and many venues require this now)

  2. Do they have referrals? These can be vendors or past clients. Make sure to follow up on all referrals you are given.

  3. What do they provide in the package you have chosen

  4. What is their retainer? Cancellation clause? Refund Policy if there is any?

  5. How many face to face meetings will you receive?



I've always wanted a photographer who was moody and artistic in their style. So we went with Mike Oswald. He is someone I jived with from the beginning which is very important when you are with someone all day long. Photographs are very important! They capture every single moment of your day and you really shouldn't gamble with this kind of vendor. They capture every memory.

  1. What kind of packages do they have?

  2. What is their photography style?

  3. Do they have a portfolio?

  4. Licensed and insured?

  5. What is included in the package you have chosen?

  6. What is the final cost?

  7. Will you have access to an online gallery of edited pictures?

  8. How many pictures would this include?

  9. What is the time frame after the wedding that you will receive these images?

  10. What is their cancellation clause?

  11. Do you receive a USB drive, CD, or a wedding album?

  12. How many hours are included?

  13. How much does it cost to add additional time? and when can you request these hours to be added?

  14. How many people do you need for the day? (Need this for your vendor meals)


A lot of people add a videographer last. Honestly, I think this is just as important as a photographer. While your photographer captures the moments. Your videographer captures the feelings. This could be the moment the groom sees you and starts crying. You won't see that moment as you walk from afar. We chose AM Films.

  1. What kind of packages do they have? Do they have something within your budget?

  2. What style is their video?

  3. Do they provide raw footage or just edited footage?

  4. How many people are required the day of? (Need this for your vendor meals)

  5. How many hours are needed?

  6. How will you receive this file?

  7. What is the time frame for your video to be completed?

  8. How much does this cost?

  9. What kind of payment do you take?

Next Wednesday we will go over the remaining vendors for your wedding. I have booked most if not all my vendors for our wedding. Since I had a master list and it didn't take me very long to grab those within our budget and those I knew would be my dream team! I hope these questions helped those of you still searching! See you next week!

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