Engaging your guests through food

This blog is going to be a little different. You are probably thinking "she is just going to talk about the boring wedding food". I am going to prove you wrong! Wedding food doesn't have to be boring. It can be fun, creative, and super delicious! I will show you how.

My fiance and I are huge foodies. We explore the city for the newest restaurants. When we went to Paris I read every food blog I could get my hands on and curated a list of must stop places. He can vouch that all the choices were amazing. So, just like our travels and our daily life food is very important to us for our wedding.

How to make your food part of the FUN part of your wedding

1. Figure out your budget - we figured this out in the last blog. Catering should be 45% of your total budget.

2. What style of food service do you want?

3. What kind of food do you want to serve at your wedding?

Now that you have figured out those top 3 questions. It's time for the fun part. Contact two caterers that you feel would fit your style. Remember do your due diligence. Look at their reviews, check out pictures, ask your venue for recommendations.

We contacted:

1. Canapes Catering located in Frederick, MD

2. Zeffert & Gold Catering located in Baltimore, MD

Both of these caterers are full-service and I have worked with them in the past. Their staff creates an amazing experience for the guests and provide amazing customer service. The only thing that would help us with our decision would be the price.

Menu Example (Active Stations)

Hors d'Oeuvres


Grazing Station - This includes fruits, dips, cheeses, & bread.


3 to 5 different types


With our guest count, we choose 4 stations

They are a million different stations you can choose from. What I recommend is a wide range of food.

For example, meats, seafood, vegetarian, and a starch.


This can also be an active station

For example, Smore's Bar, Make your own donuts, Ice cream bar

Coffee Bar

You can do an active Coffee Bar which is interactive for your guests

For example The Caffeination Station


Now you are probably sitting here wondering why I didn't go into detail about what we are providing at our wedding. Well... I am writing this blog in real time. So, a lot of my guests can see what I am writing. So, with that in mind, I like to keep parts of my wedding a secret. If you are interested in a more detailed menu with delicious food. Email me and I will hand it right over to you or stay with me till the end and I promise to divulge all the secrets!

Happy Planning! Next week we will chat about booking the rest of your vendors and what challenges to avoid.

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