The Perfect Wedding Venue

How we choose the perfect wedding venue. Since basically every other aspect of a wedding is optional. Choosing a venue was something we couldn't skip on. We needed somewhere that was perfect the kind of celebration we wanted, and somewhere our friends and family were able to gather and celebrate with us without any hassle.

For the past couple weeks you have followed our path of finding a venue and noticed along with us that it isn't an easy process. There are so many options to choose from, whether we were looking for something all inclusive, a restaurant, or an industrial chic venue. So I went back to the list we created before this whole process started. I also considered the capabilities of the space, the layout, and the time and items we would need to transform each space.

Below I have broken it down on how we choose our venue:

Does the venue align with our vision?

This may have seemed obvious, but seeking a venue that fit aesthetically what we had in mind was a little difficult. I wanted to have our wedding in a tent and he nixed that idea immediately. So, I needed too find a venue that would allow me to bring in my theme. Without fighting with the space.

Does the venue fit our guests?

Knowing how many guests we were expecting to invite before we went to look for venues was number one on my list. In turn, saved us a ton of headache down the road. We only choose venues that fit our guest count to tour.

Does the venue fit our budget?

It's more than how much we are renting the space. It is how much will catering cost? Will decor and floral design drive up the cost? Knowing our total budget was everything that will help us choose our venue. If adding all the stuff on top of the cost of using the space blew our budget than we knew too find a more affordable space or scale back our design. What I recommend couples is that they break down their overall budget by category. Prioritize more funds for vendors that are a higher priority for you. This is exactly what we did and you will find the link to this on our first blog about how to build your budget. If you are unsure how prices break down in your region, consult with a local planner to get more information.

Will the venue provide a positive experience for our guests?

We are inviting a lot of out-of-town guests, so we needed too find a venue that was near a hotel. Also the comfort within the venue was important as well. The venue could not be so tight that it wouldn't fit our 171 guest count. We wanted everyone to be as comfortable as possible. Safety for our guests was also a concern. Since we are located in Baltimore, MD we wanted too make sure our guests wouldn't feel unsafe in any location we choose.

What was included in our venue?

We were looking for a space that would let us bring our own vendors so that we cold create a fun atmosphere for our guests. We also wanted a venue that included tables and chairs. So when we spoke to each venue we made sure there were no additional charges. If they were then how much would this cost us.

Final Choice!

In the end after deeply considering all the above pointers we choose Haven Street Ballroom. It fit the space we needed for our guests and the space within would allow me to bring my design. The price was right and it included just what we needed. Other than the no kids option. Which we were ok with giving up for one day.

Haven Street Ballroom opens this Spring 2019. Check out their website and book your tour today!

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