The Assembly Room

The Assembly Room was our 3rd stop in our venue hunting journey. By this time we were a little exhausted from all the prices, and the lack of finding what we were exactly looking for. When we went to visit the Assembly Room we had just stepped out of an argument on me (the bride) and him (the groom) not seeing eye to eye. I was at the point of giving it all up, and going to an all-inclusive venue.

The Assembly Room is located on 318-316 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202. If you are a local to Baltimore, and frequently went out downtown you will remember this location as Hammer Jacks.

The great thing about the Assembly Room is it is very large, and broken into 4 quadrants. It comes with tables, and chairs and the rental time is 9 hours in total. With security provided which is a bonus in that area.

When you first enter this is what you see. A large open space with a mezzanine up above. The doors to the rights come down. and block off the 2nd room which is also for rent. Could be used for your ceremony.

Also, in that same space is a bar. Which is very large and great for any number of people you have. They had other rooms as well through the entryway you see here, and then upstairs.

The price varied for this venue and we found we would be spending between 6-8.5k just for the venue. Which previously discussed was a little out of our budget. However; as a planner, I didn't find anything wrong with this venue. Would definitely recommend it to other couples that had a larger venue budget than us.

Next week we will go over an all-inclusive venue located in Bethesda, MD.

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