The Accelerator Space

Our next stop was the Accelerator Space located on 417 Bennighaus Road, Baltimore, MD 21212. The Accelerator Space caught my eye because of the industrial look of the main room. The pictures don't really do the space justice, and the website is very bare when it comes to information about the venue.

So here is some information I can provide you. When you first contact the Accelerator Space you will most likely speak with Johnathan who is the owner, and manager of the venue. From what I can tell Johnathan is a local architect in the area who decided to open a shared kitchen for food trucks, and small businesses in this unique space. When he opened the space he realized that the upstairs could turn into a large open event venue for multiple different types of events.

When you first arrive you will notice there is little to no parking at the venue. The space outside looks like a giant warehouse with a glass garage door and ramp to the inside. Johnathan explained that the outside entrance can be decorated for guests. When you first enter the door there will be a room to the left. This is the den space which is great for ceremonies but keep in mind it costs an extra $1500 additional to the main room.

The main room is to the right and it is large and comes with an outdoor patio space.

Just like our visit to The Winslow, we went through our list of questions again. Making sure to cover all the key points.

Example questions

  1. Are there hotels nearby?

  2. What is the parking situation?

  3. Are tables and chairs included?

  4. How much is the space?

  5. Is there a separate space for kids?

  6. What is the rental period?

  7. Military discount?

  8. Catering list?

  9. Is security included?

  10. What are some other rules and procedures we should know about?


  1. Hotels nearby are the Double Tree and Radisson

  2. Valet is required for parking and this is an extra cost of $650

  3. Tables and Chairs are included in the cost. 200 wood chairs, 24 round tables, 6 banquets, and 2 reclaimed wood tables.

  4. Main Room cost $4500, Den Room cost $1500

  5. If you don't want to rent the Den then the main room would be flipped from ceremony to reception.

  6. Rental Time includes 10 hours

  7. No military discount

  8. Catering is a pre-approved list. *Couples are NOT ALLOWED to bring their own alcohol

  9. Security is included

  10. No tape of any kind can be used on the floor or the walls.

All in all, we did like this venue the only qualm we had were past reviews from other vendors who have worked in this space before and that we couldn't get our alcohol from someone besides the vendor.

Stay tuned for our next venue the Assembly Room.

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