The Winslow

The Winslow was the very first wedding site visit of our wedding planning journey. You are probably wondering why should I do a wedding site visit when I can just look at their website. This is the best way I can put it. The cover of a book can look fabulous but once you open it up, it can be super boring and uninteresting. I ALWAYS recommend a site visit.

The site visit allows you to actually see the space itself, ask more detailed questions, and you can see if you read online is actually real. As you will see through our process in the next few weeks. How deceiving websites can be.

Before attending a site visit make a list in your notebook. Questions you plan to ask during the tour.

Here are some examples of what we asked:

  1. How many rental spaces are available for the evening?

  2. Are they any hotels nearby? If so, do you have any connections or deals with any of them?

  3. How is the parking situation?

  4. Do you provide tables and chairs within the price of the venue?

  5. What kind of tables and chairs do you have and what is the count?

  6. Is a room transition needed?

  7. How many hours are included in the rental? can we extend the hours? if so how much extra does this cost?

  8. Do you provide a military discount?

  9. Do you have a list of preferred Caterers?

  10. Do you allow Halal Caterers?

  11. What is the total price with tax included?

  12. Do you provide security?

  13. What do we need to provide on our end.. i.e... liability insurance?

  14. Is there a separate room for kids?

The Winslow is located at 333 W Ostend St. Baltimore, MD 21230. On our way to the venue, our GPS took us past the venue and we had to turn around. It was actually really annoying. When we arrived at the venue it was located under a highway underpass and it looked like it had plenty of parking. The outside of the building looks like an office building/warehouse but generally, this was the style we were looking for.

As we entered we were greeted by our point of contact Kelli (for me this is a big thing. I am all about great customer service). She was very sweet and began the tour.

The hallway to the venue is attached to multiple different offices that use it as a shared space. Which was a red flag for us for security purposes. If we were to have our wedding on a Saturday and what point would all the offices empty? and how could we prevent strangers wandering into our event? Which brought us to our 12th question as listed above. We were told that we would have to provide our own security or could hire some through the venue at an extra cost.

*Tip: If any extra costs arise write them in red in your book!

We continued our tour through the venue. To the left of the hallway is a great big bar and to the right is the main hall. The main hall has two levels and a grand staircase. Towards the back is the ceremony space. Where I learned is an extra cost of $1,000.00 for a Saturday. Then past the bar towards the back is a very small bridal suite. We loved the industrial look and feel of the entire venue.

Now to the main questions! These are very important in making your decision.

Answers to the above questions in order:

1. 2 spaces

2. Yes, we are located near the Ravens Stadium

3. 175 parking spaces, during Ravens games the parking spaces are sold and guests can find street parking. (We knew this was going to be a huge issue and would have to plan our date around an away game to ensure our guests had parking spaces)

4. They do provide tables and chairs

5. 60 inch round tables, cocktail tables, 200 chairs

6. The chairs would have to be moved from the ceremony room to the reception room, during cocktail hour.

7. 8 - hour rental time (4 hour event time, 3 hours set up, and 1 hour clean up)

8. 10% military discount

9. They only allow Copper Kitchen or Linwoods.

10. They allow a kosher caterer but not a halal caterer.

11. $7,500 for the main reception room and $1000 for the ceremony room

12. Yes, at an extra cost

13. Yes, we need to provide liability insurance (wedding insurance)

14. No, this would be the ceremony room after all the chairs have left.

With all our questions answered. We left and discussed everything in the car on our way back home.

*Tip: Discuss everything in the car on your way back so it is fresh in your head. Get your significant others thoughts and write it all down in your journal so when you look back at the venues you toured you can truly pick which one you love!

This was only Day 1 and only the first venue on our list of 5! Next week I will go over The Accelerator Space.


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