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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Phew! You have reached the most important part of your wedding. Where are you going to have it? This can be a very daunting task if not done correctly. As a planner, I suggest these very important tips, which I will go into further detail.

Tip #1 Talk to your planner first

Talking to your planner will give you some out of the box ideas for venues. They also know many more venues then you can even imagine exist. If you don't have a planner don't fret. Most planners will assist you for a small fee. If you are looking for some ideas you can check out our A La Carte Package.

Tip #2 What is your vision?

This is where a little thought process comes into the picture. This is what I did. Grab a handy dandy journal and use this as your go-to for any wedding questions or notes you need to take during your planning process. Mine looks like the picture below.

Then make a list of what you believe is important to you.

Mine looked like this:

  • Separate room for kids

  • Tables and chairs included

  • Rental time more than 5 hours

  • Choose your own caterer

  • Fits 200 people max

  • NO room flip

I asked my fiancee what he really wanted in a venue and his list looked list this:

  • Tables and chairs included

  • Rental time more than 5 hours

  • Room for kids

  • Venue cost under $7500

  • Industrial looking venue

After your lists have been created it is time to do a little bit of research.

Tip #3 Research

My research process was a little different because I am a planner. However; this is what I recommend if you don't have a planner. Search on websites like Eventective, and Weddingwire, or just google wedding venues. Keep in mind Wedding Wire will have venues on the first couple pages that have paid a lot of money to be on those pages. If you scroll past the first 3 pages you will find the free listings. These venues are out of the box ones that could more time than not have great deals and wonderful locations for your wedding!

When researching look for venues that match your vision and choose only 5 to visit. Any more than that and you will be very confused.

This is an example of our list:

  1. Winslow

  2. Accelerator Space

  3. Assembly Room

  4. Pinstripes

  5. Haven Street Ballroom

Tip #4 Set up meetings

Don't wait to set up meetings with your venues! This is the best pro- tip I can ever give you. Venues book up 1 year in advance. If you have a very popular date in mind and wait to set up these meetings you will lose that date.

Our first venue meeting started on November 12th! On the next blog, we will go over the process of meeting your venues.

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