Engagement Dinner

An Engagement Party is one of many pre-wedding parties many couples host. This party is a celebration of a couple's recent engagement and to assist future wedding guests to get to know one another. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the engagement party, but nowadays many modern couples host their own celebration.


The engagement party should come soon after the engagement, while the news of your upcoming nuptials is fresh. As a couple, you might even decide to announce the engagement at the party itself.

For Example: We hosted our engagement party approximately 2.5 weeks after we were engaged. Some of you may be thinking "Omg, that is super fast!", "How did you manage to plan and put this all together with such a short time".


The reasoning behind our quick engagement party. My sister was going to be in town and I wanted her to be there no matter what. First thing is first what kind of party do you want?

We knew we didn't want something flashy or super elaborate. So we opted for a casual dinner with friends. Secondly, who will you be inviting to the engagement party? Create a spread sheet with everyone's names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses, oh and don't forget their plus 1's. After this is completed look for your venue. This step had to be the hardest. We knew we didn't want to spend more than a grand. So, the search began.

Here is the list we went through:

  1. Twist Fell's Point - This was our top choice. We have loved this small restaurant since we fell upon it last year. The food is to die for (must try their lamb shank). They had a private dining room that would have been perfect. However; they had a corkage fee per bottle. So it kinda steered us from hosting anything at Twist.

  2. Blue Hill Tavern - This was our 2nd choice. Gorgeous interior, fancy food, great staff. We would have had our own private room. The one thing that made us change our mind was that the room itself had a fee. That alone would have knocked us out of the budget.

  3. Cava Mezze- Neither of us had ever been to Cava Mezze but our friends always raved about their food. So we figured we would give it a try. We showed up during brunch and spoke to their manager about us having an event at their restaurant. They were so welcoming and showed us that we could choose food for our guests since everything was in a tapas format. In the end, we did choose Cava Mezze.


What we ended up with was a dinner at Cava Mezze with 21 of our closest friends. We all enjoyed a spread of hummus and dips, a meat spread, flaming cheese dish, and vegetables. In the end, everyone was stuffed and we still had a ton of leftovers!

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