The price starts at $500.00

Must be under 10 guests as according to MD, VA, and DC phase 1 reopening

This is one of our very unique packages. We understand this time is very difficult so we have put together our Elopement Package so that you have the options to pick and choose what you want for your day! All our options have a special discount and additions that add value to your day. Our features and benefits are listed below!

  • Free Consultation

    • Our no-fee consultation benefits our couples for one reason only. For most couples planning a wedding is a first-time new adventure. We understand this and will chat with you to go over what your vision is, how we can assist you, and most of all this is at no commitment to you. ​

  • Planner

    • Elopements have a lot of moving parts. We provide a planner for your personalized elopement. To organize logistics, pull permits, hire vendors, and organize your optional virtual reception with a catered meal for your guests. You don't have to lift a finger. 

  • Unlimited communication

    • Months prior to your wedding day you will have constant unlimited communication with your wedding planner. This means just before you go to bed and you have a thought for the wedding cross your mind. All you have to do is send us a quick message and we will respond as soon as we can. 

  • Unlimited face to face meetings

    • Not only do you have unlimited communication. You also now have unlimited face to face meetings with us. This can include just grabbing lunch with your planning team to discuss any family drama that you may be experiencing, any ideas you thought about overnight, or just need to vent. We are here for you day or night. This can also be done virtually. 

  • Assistance with developing your design

    • At Glamour N'Glitz Events we understand how the design of your wedding is important to portray to your guests the mood and or your personalities. We also understand you are not designers and probably have been spending hours upon hours on Pinterest pinning ideas. Now all you have to do is sit with us for a short time and we will come up with an entire design proposal for you. Which includes vendors you can hire to make that vision come true and pricing. We have got it covered. 

  • Decorations

    • For Elopements we offer decorations free of charge to rent for your virtual reception. All decorations will be delivered, set-up, and break down the next day. 

  • Assistance with vendor & venue selection

    • Spending hours of research finding vendors/venues for your wedding can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. When you purchase this package we have included venues (ceremony locations), and other vendors who are professional and have offered to provide a service for this package to our couples. No more spending hours looking for vendors or venues. 

  • Review of all vendor contracts

    • Reviewing contracts is very important. Which a lot of couples find daunting and time-consuming. Also, the amount of legal jargon can be confusing. You no longer have to do this on your own. Pass over your contract to our planners and they will review each contract and relay questions over to your vendors. We have read over 100 contracts and know exactly what we are looking for and what red flags are. We can catch them before you sign on the dotted line. 

  • Creation of wedding timeline

    • The creation of your wedding timeline is very important. This is your production schedule for your vendors. Without a production schedule, your vendors will arrive, do what they want, and leave whenever they want. With a production schedule, everyone will stay on track and your planner will orchestrate them to do so.

  • Assistance with setup and breakdown of the wedding

    • On the day of the wedding setting up and breaking down the wedding are the two most stressful moments of the day. With your planner on-site these two steps can be completed without any of your family members or yourself being involved on the day of. Your family members and the two of you can just worry about getting ready for your big day!  Day of your wedding your planner will also live stream your wedding to your guests. 

  • Communication with vendors and venues to ensure contractual duties are met

  • Florist, Violinist, Officiant, Photographers, Catering, & DJ

    • We have teamed up with some amazing vendors to provide our couples with the best Elopement Ever! We are also working with some amazing venues around the DMV.  If you already have vendors don't worry you can pick and choose in our fully customized online brochure. 

  • Assistance with the breakdown of the wedding

  • and much more! Contact us today! We will send over your brochure. 

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