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Imagine the possibilities if you had an unlimited budget and didn’t have to run your ideas by your friends and family. You’re super excited and you want to share this moment with everyone, but you are also carrying around this feeling of confusion and/or dread. Where are you supposed to start? What if you do it wrong? This is something you know you have to get right the first time!


The only problem is you are lost or maybe just overwhelmed. I want to let you know, you are not alone. This in fact is a very common feeling. So common that I was in the same boat as you when I got married in November 2019. 


Crazy right?! How can a person who has been in the event/wedding industry for over 9 years feel the same as you? Well, when you get married it’s such a rush of excitement that you forget that now you have to sit down and figure out what kind of wedding you want? Do you want to elope, have an intimate wedding, or go all out? Then you have to ask yourself, what’s a reasonable budget, how many guests can I afford? Not fun, but necessary. 


After figuring out your budget, you get to jump into the actual planning part. Yay! But this is what everyone does not tell you about planning a wedding/event, it’s hard work and very time consuming. I was lucky because I knew which vendors in the DMV area were professional, fit my style and my budget and I was able to book my vendors in a month. 


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Women Owned


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Design time! This is one of my favorite parts of the industry. Every wedding is somewhat similar in terms of logistics and risk management (super boring) but when it comes to design, everyone and I mean EVERYONE, has their own personality represented in the design of their wedding/event. For example, My husband and I love traveling, eating, and just having fun, and we brought that out at our wedding. We gave our guests FOMO (Fear of missing out) all night long. I mean why pay a TON of money when you can’t say “that was a night to remember”? 


You’re probably sitting here reading this and thinking, I want to have fun! Well, guess what you can! No, one is stopping you. No matter what your budget is, how many people you have at your wedding/event, you can bring your personality out and have all the fun you want! 


Now no one likes hearing this part. Not even me, but this is the GIANT elephant in the room. When planning a wedding/event it is very important to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s. You’re sitting there going I know, I know, here we go! But this is where I come in or for my wedding, where my wedding coordinator came in. 


A month prior to your wedding all your vendors will contact you wondering what the load in/load out times are, rules of the venue, timeline (production schedule), what do they need to bring, what they will be provided, and the list goes on and on. During this time you should be concentrating on just enjoying the last month in the peace of being engaged. That won’t happen unless you have help. Hiring a professional to handle all of this is a NEED and should not be a WANT. This step is very important. On the day of your wedding, you want to have the peace of mind that someone will be at the wedding/event representing you. Someone will be greeting vendors as they arrive, making sure they are setting up according to your floor plan, your design is being implemented as you just spent months creating it. Someone who is there to make sure everyone is in place for the moment you and your guests arrive. No surprises, just someone who can handle it all just the way you planned it. 


I did not arrive at my venue early to set up decorations, centerpieces, signs, knick-knacks, I did not greet my vendors, I did not answer questions. I also was not worried my entire wedding day if guests were there if they were being fed, if the music was playing, if I needed to breakdown everything, and make sure the venue was empty before my time was up. Do you know why? Because I hired a wedding coordinator to do all of this for me. As you can see I am a wedding planner/coordinator and I still invested some money to make sure I was actually going to have fun on my day. And it was the best investment ever! 


There is one thing I hear a lot coming from newly engaged couples, or people planning events: “I can’t afford a designer, a wedding planner, a coordinator.” Do you know what you can’t afford? Is all that time and money you have spent to create this once in a lifetime event to go wrong. I am not saying it will but we are like an insurance plan to make sure that you are saving time, money, and sanity. You have the peace of mind knowing that someone is vouching for you and understands how important this day is to you.


Now that I ripped the fun away, let’s get you back to your dream event and click here to contact us so you can be like me and have professional, reliable, in your budget, amazing vendors, and best of all a design that screams YOU. Because don’t forget, “Life is an event. Make it phenomenal”.


Through our personable and friendly approach, you will feel an immediate connection and comfort with our team. With us, by your side, you will immediately feel less anxiety and you will work with us in a way where you truly feel like we are in a partnership throughout the entire process. Big or small we are here for you. Check out our different planning packages here! 
Happy Planning!